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Seen at Vancouver's Greenhorn Espresso Bar:
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more moose

Sep. 30th, 2013 07:34 pm
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At YVR, my husband queued up for coffee and I headed to the washroom. I told him, "Meet you by the moose."

When I found him again, he said, "You realize that at this airport, 'Meet me by the moose' is not exactly specific enough?" But he'd known which moose I meant:

Vancouver airport

(He also asked, "Why is the moose the only one anthropomorphized?")

It was fun sitting by the fountain. Behind us, people studied it at length:

Vancouver airport

In front of us, various passersby petted the moose, the wolf, and the bear, and sometimes stopped for pictures. An older woman posed by the wolf, and then her partner slung an arm around the moose. A little girl snuggled herself into the bear as if he were a tree-cave, ready to shield her from the rain. (I didn't get that on camera, but here's a shot of the bear by himself.)

Vancouver airport
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calling the koi

The highlight of Sunday's visit to the Sun Yat-sen Garden was watching the ritual of feeding the koi, around 11:40 am. The young lady hit the gong and dipped it into the water to send the vibrations to the fish. The oldest koi in the pond is a forty-something named Madonna.


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