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The subject line comes from Dorothy L. Sayers's translation of a Dante canzone/sestina that I used as the text of my first major bookbinding project, for a class I took twenty years ago at Elaine Borruso's house in Michigan:

12 slim

12 slim

12 slim

That class was also where I first picked up on the buzz about Shereen LaPlantz's Cover to Cover -- which, as the buyer of craft books for Borders's 100+ stores, I promptly placed large orders for. The publisher was unprepared for that. Given how most craft titles sold only a handful of copies each year at best, and given how many people I personally knew were eager to get their hands on a copy, I grew so exasperated at the "indefinitely out of stock" notices that I typed "PUBLISHER IS AN IDIOT" in the memo line of the order screen, which I understood to be visible only to Borders corporate staff.

Some months later, the publisher reps took me out to dinner and cheerfully informed me that a copy of that purchase order -- WITH my note on it -- was now framed and hanging on one of their office walls. The senior children's section buyer, another guest at the dinner, squawked, "What? You all can see that line?" The publisher liaison later said she'd never seen my face so red. The reps then presented me with an autographed copy of the book:

Shereen LaPlantz autograph

I've bought many Lark books in the years since, what with Aunt Louise and Paula and other people dear to me being dedicated knitters and beaders and the like.

Shereen died in 2003, but her work remains visible at the LaPlantz Studios website, where her husband continues to create and teach and share ideas and examples.

[This entry prompted by #100untimedbooks - items 6 (craft) and 12 (slim).]
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In a bit of synchroncity, today's prompt from Kat McNally is:

What are you really proud that you made happen in 2014, despite the gremlins? And what will you do anyway in 2015?

...and the slip in today's fortune cookie from Chinatown tells me, "Try it, you may like it."

Wednesday, Court 9

A big first for me this year was covering the Cincinnati Open as credentialed media, for Tennis Buzz. Read more... )
(I have been writing a post in my head for some months now about Ma Ingalls hating sewing and yet being fearless about cutting into delicate fabric because she had made so many dresses by the time Laura was old enough to bring home the very pretty lawn. Someday...)


May. 10th, 2013 10:18 am
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sprouting bean:

green beans

mixing paint:


telling Abby we'll be back after dinner:

me and Abby
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Since the start of the month:
  • five new poems completed; two accepted

  • three hot yoga classes attended, at a new studio in the 'hood. Conclusion: bikram, yes; vinyasa, no

  • one commission completed; another in progress. So, there's been a lot of measuring...


    ...and some warming up...


    and soon there will be ink-grinding. But first, class #4...
  • zirconium: photo of squeezy Buddha on cell phone, next to a coffee mug (buddha and cocoa)
    In addition to the lettering...

    photos and participles behind the cut )

    Onto the next project!


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