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1. My poem Spelling "For Worse" is up at Goblin Fruit, in both text and audio formats.

1a. I am keeping right fine company on that TOC. :-)

2. Merrie Haskell wrote a novel called Castle behind Thorns. It's about to emerge, it has earned a starred review in Publisher's Weekly, and it will be a Junior Literary Guild selection. (Her second published novel has been collecting recommendations and awards, too, including "the 2014 Schneider Family Book Award winner for middle school for its depiction of a person with a disability.")

3. The Velveteen Rabbi will be reading her poetry in Jerusalem. I am so excited for her!

4. Making manuscripts reader-friendlier. Go me!

4a. Having the chops and experience to recognize typos (especially in Spanish) I wouldn't have caught five years ago.

5. Ripe cantaloupe and canned quail eggs. For when one works flat through dinner and then needs something that doesn't require cooking (i.e., stink up the kitchen) right before bedtime.

6. The sumo tangerine I picked up at a store last week. It was an indulgence, but it was also a great conversation piece, and I am about to candy the peel.

7. Having a dog that gleefully hoovers up vegetable scraps. (I am less enamored of her fondness for snacking on potting soil, but that's because it makes her wheeze.)

8. It is sunny and 55 F here right now. I'll be spending most of the day with spreadsheets, but I think I'll first sneak out for a walk.

9. Particle Fever! (And yes, I wore my CERN jacket to the showing.)
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Posner spends significant firepower assailing The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation. This compendium (The Chicago Manual of Style for lawyers) might seem an unworthy target. Yet he is excoriating not just the Bluebook, but also the substitution of style over substance it represents. When created in 1926, supposedly by the great appellate judge Henry Friendly, the manual was 26 pages. A recent edition spans 511 pages. Posner appears to believe that following the Bluebook is about as bad as rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic -- and by reverse order of manufacture, no less. He casts the Bluebook as a neurotic reaction to external complexity; if you cannot control what is important, you make important what you can control. Posner notes that Friendly himself recommended that later editions be treated as the Greeks treated their unwanted progeny.

Beneath the great seal of the United States, Posner's chambers should have a crest of a mongoose, encircled with Kipling's dictum: "Run and Find Out."

[Posner's statement re an opinion he wrote on voter ID] has been interpreted as a recantation, yet it's less an admission of error than an admission of uncertainty. This is consistent with his general approach: to acknowledge complexity, vacuum up as many facts as possible and then do his best.

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Just received my copy of The Federalist Society: How Conservatives Took the Law Back from Liberals, a book I copyedited last year. I really like the cover.

in print

Jan. 23rd, 2013 04:39 pm
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It doesn't get old, seeing my name in print. Today's mail brought me my copy of Sam Henderson's The House of Forever, which includes this:

Poem dedicated to me!

It's also gratifying to see books I copyedited finally ready for the libraries and stores. Last week, I received my copy of Seeking a New Majority: The Republican Party and American Politics, 1960-1980. (I started work on the manuscript last January; academic publishing is not for the impatient.)

A friend on Twitter mentioned that today is National Handwriting Day. And, the price of US postage goes up next week. Time to scribble a few... :-)
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It has been a week of dropped eggs, burnt beans, buggered-up code, scorched towels, hurt feelings, feet in mouth, and other damage, but there has also been plenty in the way of good tidings.

The book:
  • It's back on a couple of Top 100 lists in the US and the UK. \o/

  • Heather Kamins reviews it.

  • Renee Emerson liked the sharpshooter poems in particular.

  • The copyediting:

  • Sarah Suiter's Magdalene House: A Place about Mercy is now available.

  • I have resumed reading The New York Times Manual of Style and Usage (1999 ed.). I love this line from the foreword:

    As the previous edition of this book noted, there is little difference between a Martini and a martini, but a rule can shield against untidiness in detail that might make readers doubt large facts.

    And this:
    The 1923 booklet cautioned printers that in following copy, they must make allowance "for the intelligence (or lack of intelligence)" of the advertiser. It listed pasha, pigmy and seraglio among "Words Frequently Misspelled" (raising a question: What were they doing in the Times at all, not to mention frequently?).

  • More on poetry:
  • Joanne posted a haiga by me (warning: photograph of human ashes). (On a related note: Jen Hoffman's Your daughter's grief: An open letter to moms.)

  • Signal boost: [community profile] poetree is looking for hosts.

  • Reb Livingston holds forth on being boring (and consequently "sort of happier").

  • Also: showed a high school pal and his wife around a bit of Nashville, dived into a croque-madame at my monthly meetup at Sky Blue with a neighbor, and talked marketing with my publisher over tempura and a "Pacific Queen" roll (mango, tuna, macadamia, cukes, and avocado).

    chez Provence

    As I told James Monday night, I never had a prayer of being hip -- I despise waiting in lines too much even to try -- but I do love this city so.

    Also: Go White Sox! (home opener in 2.5 hours) :-D


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