Jan. 2nd, 2016

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Put mildly, 2015 was laden with its share of grief and aggro. It also contained a good deal of fun and wham boomery.

Two things that happened that made me happy: I finally tracked down Danny Spanos's "Hot Cherie," a raunchy song I'd heard on the radio as a teenager. Having heard both the name and title wrong back then, it's taken me this long to tunnel back to that earworm. (That metaphor doesn't quite work, does it. Story of 2016 so far...)

I also tracked down a copy of a portrait in the Boston Public Library that doesn't seem to be published anywhere else online: Irwin Hoffman's painting of his wife, Dorothea. I've had a crush on this painting since I first saw it over a decade ago in the library's reading room. The combination of elegance and strength is, as we say in fandom, one of my bulletproof kinks.

For the second day in a row, the urge to return to bed mid-morning is strong. There are, however, plays to read, plants to water and/or transplant, dishes to wash, vocabulary to memorize, brackets to dissect, and figures to tally. Onward!

the tomato loves the wineglass


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