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The subject line is from my poem "Leftovers," which is (at the moment) in second place in the current contest hosted by the Goodreads ¡POETRY! group. (Voting is open to members of the group until March 31.)

pumpkin cream pie in progress

Also newly afloat on the net: "A Multitude of Sorrows" and "Good Morning," over on Houseboat.


I recently came across two oosts on e-readers and privacy within a day of each other. Nashville's Shopping Diva lamented that she could no longer "casually glance" at the books her fellow travelers were reading, whereas Sam observes that e-editions are a godsend "to people who like to read romance novels but are ashamed of the stigma attached."

As I promote my own book, it's been fascinating to learn about the current reading preferences of my friends and acquaintances. I don't myself own a dedicated e-reading device (although I have the apps on my laptop), and it's been gratifying to hear that Measured Extravagance is the first poetry e-book (and in at least one case, the first e-book of any kind) some people have been willing to take a chance on.

The downside, of course, is not having a physical book right at hand for people who prefer that format. That said, I'm willing to send signed postcards of the cover (isn't it pretty?) to anyone who'd like one -- please just send me a request (and your address) via PM or e-mail.

Unrelated to the rest of this entry, except that they live in Nashville: baby clouded leopards.

Date: 2012-03-29 04:36 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] kass
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Thank you for the reminder; I've just bought a Kindle copy of your book, with great joy.


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