Apr. 30th, 2016

zirconium: snapshot of my healthiest hollyhock plant (French hollyhock)
At the bakery, a man who had just stepped inside stopped in his tracks, two and two visibly clicking together, and then told another man behind a stroller, "Your daughter's other shoe? I just saw it down the street and put it on top of a fence." The father and the rest of us looked at the girl's feet and sure enough, one purple clog was missing.

A woman ahead of me and I were both dancing in place to "Little Red Corvette."

Another woman posed with her "One to Go" at her mouth while her partner took a photograph, presumably to taunt friends elsewhere.

Between the tea shop and the wine store, a woman in patterned leggings placed a beaded bracelet into a crook of a young tree.

In a optician's store -- closed as of six days ago, online presence soon -- a statue of a large black dog stood among things not yet moved out.

A Dutch party, in honor of the king's birthday. Lots of orange.

A waist-high mural, of dancers.

Another Free Library stand.

A house for sale by owner. Asking $450,000.

A "SOLD" sign in front of 1505 Woodland.

(On a tangential note: I am pleased to see locals listed with NAGLREP, from several agencies.)

Roses, and phlox, and lilies, and other flowers.


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