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My new icon (chez Dreamwidth) comes to you via a photo in the latest Vanderbilt University Medical Center Reporter of the sew-ins from earlier this month. (I'm third from the left; I like that my hands are what's visible.)

The November 2012 issue of Vogue arrived in my mailbox a day or two ago, and I'm really enjoying it so far. It starts with ten pages of Tiffany ads, showcasing some spectacular arrangements and gowns. The "letters from readers" section include four letters about Bel Kaufman that are a welcome tonic to fears of aging:

To read of her life and undiminished enthusiasm for books, theater, and people at 101 humbles me in light of my waning interests at a mere 70 years of age. When I was 23, I wanted to be like Bel Kaufman, and now, 47 years later, there are miles to go before I sleep and that goal is still before me. - Rocky S. Thomas

While many [of my med school interns] say, "Oh my goodness, you're turning 30. Yikes!," Kaufman's story puts things into perspective--this woman is 101 and talking about editing her works for e-books! - Sofia Mohammad

There were also two letters about the excerpt from Paris: a Love Story, which I finished recording for the Talking Library earlier this week...

Nashville Talking Library

...and four letters in praise of Pamela Paul's article on the trouble and condescension women run into when they want to obtain a tubal ligation. I skipped reading the original -- it's not as if I lack for material to enrage me these days, especially on the topic of people being arses when they encounter others who don't share so-called traditional values -- but I have to admit I had a moment of "my tribe!" in reading these letters -- three of the writers likewise knew in their 20s that they did not want to become parents, and encountered doctors unsympathetic to their efforts to avoid pregnancy:

In 1973, as a recently married young woman, I visited my family physician to seek information about tubal ligation. He responded that he would recommend a good psychiatrist for me. - Elizabeth Soladay

Also in this issue: an ad for the Oscar de la Renta exhibit in Little Rock, featuring Penelope Cruz in a phenomenal red gown, an excerpt from Richard Russo's new memoir (about growing up in New York with a single mother), and Lisa Cohen on her friendship with Sybille Bedford. When they met, Lisa was in her 30s, Sybille was 86, and Lisa was researching Madge Garland, whom Sybille had disliked because Madge had made clear she cared only about "people who were successful. I was an aspiring writer; she made one feel it." Lisa continues:

I was in my 30s, with no book to my name. But she did not make one feel it. Instead, exacting as she was, she made it clear that good friends were what she lived for, along with excellent writing, food, and wine. . . . She considered herself, not just her book, a work in progress.


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