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[Subject line from Sandra Simonds's Red Wand, which a friend introduced me to yesterday.]

How is it May already? And yet, of course it is May already. Yesterday was apparently clear-the-decks day for a number of literary editors -- by midnight, I'd been notified that three pieces will appear in unFold's Garden Show and received rejections from three markets. (I also hit "send" on a submission a few hours before the reading window closed, go me!)

My book is still on Amazon UK's Top 100 list for Asian American poetry, and it's received a number of thoughtful (and, thankfully, positive!) reviews from readers I haven't (yet) met. In reverse order of appearance:

Christine Klocek-Lim
David Allan Barker
Renee Emerson
Heather Kamins
Kristine Ong Muslim

My own purchases included:

* Kristine Ong Muslim, We Bury the Landscape
* John Brehm, Help is on the Way (I'm almost done with this one; it's largely set in NYC and Japan; its major themes include the messiness of life as a aging, non-superstar poet, and the untimely death of his nephew in spite of Brehm's donation of part of his liver...)
* Lisa Dordal, Commemoration (pre-order)
* Dick Barnes, A Word Like Fire

As part of the big, beautiful and bountiful Couplets tour, I was involved with (or featured in) the following:

  • April 30: videos of me reading some poems at the Nashville Public Library

  • April 20: [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith on Revision in Science Fiction Poetry (hosted at this here blog)

  • April 16: first and final draft of "Proportions," at Heather Kamins's blog

  • April 13: haiga: a powder brush, at Joanne Merriam's blog

  • April 10: poems by Christina Nguyen (guest post at this here blog)

  • April 4: Couplets Blog Tour: Carol Berg Hosts Peg Duthie (at Ophelia Unraveling)

  • April 1: Kristine Ong Muslim on Arlene Ang's "Living Without Water" (guest post at this here blog)

  • 7x20 tweeted a piece on April 6

  • Rose Lemberg mentions that The Moment of Change has already received a very positive review. (The anthology will be released later this month.)

  • And now I'm going to head offline for the rest of the week. Wishing you all sustenance and sweetness (if desired, in the measures you desire):

    an afternoon snack


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