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1. The urge to create a version of the mushroom-and-cheese "nem" (spring roll) at Boris Bistro.

2. Jars of confiture from Maison Christoph Faure.

Maison Christian Faure Maison Christian Faure

3. A program and ticket stubs from this year's Coupe Rogers tournament, where Jeremy Chardy saved about 70,000 match points vs. John Isner, Kei Nishikori scored a tweener lob against David Goffin, Karlovic aced Raonic a bunch of times, and Mikhail Youzhny earned a standing ovation after winning a spectacular point during his loss to Rafael Nadal. We also saw two Djokovic matches, as well as Andy Murray in both singles and doubles.

Andy Murray on Court 5

4. A Rodin exhibition catalogue. So much to revisit and to write about...

5. A list of places for next time -- costume institute, marchés, parcs...

6. A longing to improve my French skillz...

7. as well as my photography and lettering chops, what with being surrounded by so much art inside the hotel as well as on the street and in cathedrals, shops, and galleries...

Plensa Outside LHotel LHotel Down the street

8. and stories to spin, someday, about jazz in the square across from organ practice in the basilica:

Doxas Brothers Trio

9. An ocean-scented facial mask from a hostess at the Chinese restaurant where we'd just consumed spicy jade tofu and sauteed sweet pea greens. I couldn't help wondering if I really looked crazy-haggard, but I suspect she just couldn't resist the possibility of future sales ("If you like it, come back..."). My companion did in fact enjoy the greens so much that we discussed returning to the restaurant again, but that plan got hosed (so to speak) by rain delays at Stade Uniprix the next afternoon.
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A week ago, the BYM and I walked eastward on Fort Street to the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. Along the way, there was a yoga studio... Read more... )
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Sep. 24th, 2013 10:12 pm
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The BYM at a moon festival on Sunday, pondering a riddle:

man and lantern

We celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary the next evening with beer and bbq at Dae Bak Bon Ga. Good times. :-)
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The BYM and I walked around a fair bit of downtown Vancouver yesterday. Our stops included:

  • JJ Bean: terrific chocolate croissants; a Happy Planet "Extreme Planet" juice -- I find the smiley face on the cap somewhat unnerving, but the beverage itself was fine, and it's kind of cool seeing bilingual labels everywhere); Sunday tabloids spread across the front bar; fun people-watching/story-concocting (the range included a couple of exceptionally tall, nerdish chaps; a middle-aged Asian social worker; fashionable executives (the latter African Canadian); hipsters; painters; a meter man; lots of students; an older man in shapeless shorts that were probably older than anyone currently playing for the Grizzlies; a young woman stalking by with a quart of milk; and at least two poodles with vests)

  • the Moon Festival at the Sun Yat-sen Garden. It was a low-key affair. I especially enjoyed the koi feeding, which involved a large gong and included a huge, orange 47-year-old fish named Madonna.

  • noshing and sipping at New Town (fried radish cake, oh YES), Bambo's, The Shop Vancouver, and Marutama

  • glimpses from the March for Reconciliation: a hip-hop choir; feathered cloaks and chaps; an orca mask; a sea of umbrellas

  • poking around The Paper Hound, a bookshop on Pender. Here's my sweetie in front of the science shelves:

    Paper Hound Bookshop

    more snapshots behind the cut )
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