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From paris day 1

Latin Quarter flat, October 2011. Note how the stove, shower, and toilet are adjacent to one another. The price was right for one day and night, though -- I set my stuff down, checked messages, napped, and later headed across the city to Kehilat Gesher to celebrate Simchat Torah.

I also went shopping -- I'd packed the wrong adapter (i.e., the one I'd used in Israel), so I went hunting up and down rue Monge for an electronics store. (I think I found the new adapter at a travel agency instead.) It had also become clear (on the walk to the flat) that I needed to acquire an umbrella and a couple of pairs of tights, so I poked around a discount store for those.

From paris day 1

I peeked into Eric Kayser's patisserie and left with a gateau basque (almond cake).

From paris day 1

I picked up the rest of dinner (m√Ęche, "braided brioche," tarama, and yogurt) at a Carrefour.

From paris day 1

Also? Kitty-chan is everywhere. (And so is Spiderman.)

From paris day 1

As I waited for various trains, I saw a series of posters campaigning against violence: "School violence, extortion, assault, harassment ... too many young people are victims of violence in their schools, in public transport, in their neighborhood."

From paris day 1
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