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The Christmas stockings are already back in the basement, and after lunch I might dismantle the wreath for the compost pile, and then prepare kale salad and clove snaps for the next round of shenanigans. It wasn't overly crowded at the dump, but I was amused to see others on similar "let's get this clobber OUT of the house and yard NOW" missions. The grocery stores and wine boutique were hopping as well. The wine shop owner told me that the caramel brownies I'd given to them were "mindblowing." (That recipe has done right by me this past year: I had to bin my first batch because I'd forgotten the gelatin, which left the glaze harder than plexiglas, but I've baked and boiled several pans' worth since then, and it's been pretty sweet to see "OMG THOSE BROWNIES" on my phone. *Cheshire grin*)

My 2013 had a fair amount of grief and fear and aggravation in it. Some of it likely won't be sorted out until 2015, and some of it not ever. I've gotten better at coping with "not soon" and "not ever" scenarios as I get older (Gottseidank), but man, they still bite.

But there was also the love and support of friends and colleagues, both in crisis and in general; happy trips to New Orleans, Keeneland, Atlanta, and Vancouver; seventy-one yoga classes, twenty-one bike rides, and assorted hikes (including a climb up the Grouse Grind); and some publications:

  • one haiku and two haiga, in Lifting the Sky: Southwestern Haiku and Haiga (Dos Gatos Press)

  • "Even an Empty Life Can Hold Water" and "Making Rice Dance," in the "Journeys" issue of Inkscrawl, August 2013

  • "With Light-Years Come Heaviness," in the "Immigrations" issue of Eye to the Telescope, April 2013

  • "Newest Amsterdam," in Dreams and Nightmares, May 2013 (issue 95)

  • "The Bed I Haven't Made," in STAR*LINE, April 2013

  • "Sweet 16th" and "Novecento," in the "Menupoems 2013" featurette of Alimentum, April 2013

  • "Proportions," UU World, Summer 2013 (first published in Measured Extravagance [Upper Rubber Boot, 2012])

  • "creasing the statement," unFold, 10 April 2013

  • "Clinging," in Escape Into Life's "Dog Days of August" feature

  • "Remnant," in Escape Into Life's "Fleurs de Mai" feature

  • "next to the bandshell" and "kittens nesting," in 7x20, September 2013

  • five poems on offer at The Poetry Storehouse for remixing (an offer so far taken up by Nic Sebastian and Othniel Smith); an interview of me was published in the Moving Poems forum on 2 December.

  • "Watching Pain(t) Dry," in Overplay/Underdone (Medusa's Laugh Press)

  • Thank you all for being a part of my life -- be it as an occasional visitor to this blog or the pal pouring me another whisky or some other incarnation of reader/friend/colleague/inspiration. Wishing you all a splendid 2014!
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