Feb. 26th, 2016

zirconium: photo of fabric elephant-shaped tissue holder in Thai massage parlor waiting room (elephant at Smile Thai)
One of yesterday's pleasures: suddenly discovering that the locket I was wearing (inherited from an aunt) contained a watch:

hidden time

Also, sipping some Est! Est!! Est!!!, a white wine a friend had given to me in December. Preparing squash casserole and a bison steak with some seasoned salt, another gift from another friend, and having it in the oven by the time the BYM got home, in spite of weariness-induced dawdling. Doing this while wearing a thick shawl from another friend.

Also satsifying: filing a tax schedule. Writing letters. Seeing tiny new flowers on the mama pepper plant and one of the tomato-cutting transplants. Freezing sale donuts for future noshing. Listening to Richter play Beethoven. Patting the dog, even though I'll be cleaning her mess out of a tulip bed this weekend. I have three Acapulco semifinalists on my fantasy tennis team, which does make me feel better about finishing dead last the previous week.

The chores are many. So are the rejections. And I missed a dance class this week because my gut was acting up. But I discussed with the BYM how to get my bike rideable again, and my yoga studio has just moved to a larger space, and I can sleep all damn weekend long if that's what my body ends up needing. True luxury, that.


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