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zirconium ([personal profile] zirconium) wrote2012-05-06 08:08 pm
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"so that she might look over her shoulder"

So far, so good. The Beautiful Young Man occupied himself at the dining room table while I dozed...

Mechanic at home Mechanic at home

...and Abby (as usual) made sure nobody would leave the room without her noticing:


There are three new pieces up at unFold: "Lickety-split," "The Season So Long," and "Tacky."

The bibliography is sort of updated (still some gaps).

My book (and also 140 and Counting) has been added to Operation eBook Drop (i.e., it is being made available free of charge to deployed soldiers).

Here's a bit from the Eudora Welty biography I've been reading, by Suzanne Marrs:

In her upstairs bedroom at the Pinehurst Street house, when she had no eight-to-five job, she established a pattern that would typify her writing career, devoting most mornings and early afternoons to composing, taking time off for reading and gardening, perhaps, but often not changing from her nightgown until she had reached a stopping point in a story. She had positioned her typing table so that she did not directly face the windows overlooking the large front yard, but so that she might look over her shoulder when she needed a glimpse of the outside world.

(I'll likely continue quoting from this and What There Is To Say... over the next couple of weeks. The books have been good company the past few days.)

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