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Oct. 13th, 2015 08:42 am[personal profile] el_staplador
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Via [personal profile] lilliburlero, [personal profile] legionseagle and [personal profile] naraht.

1. Your favorite fic you've written: The Blood of the Hentzaus

2. Your least favorite fic you've written: Probably one of the far too many drabbles from last Yuletide, but I really can't face trawling through the lot of them to find out which I dislike most. (Most of them I am reasonably proud of, but there are a couple that I only posted in order to get a nice round number...)

3. Your most popular fic: remains The Theory and Practice of Fairy Godmothering..., which is what you get for writing in a popular-for-Yuletide fandom (and yes, it did get written in a spare couple of hours before Midnight Mass...)

4. The fic you wish more people would read: I sort of feel that The Adventure of the Thunders of the Upper Deep should have done better. It's casefic! In Doctor Who! I mean, really!

5. The fic you most enjoyed writing: Evening Classes was a lot of fun, but I would really have to say The Blood of the Hentzaus, again. I enjoyed myself tremendously putting in everything I felt like putting in. Including a character called Maria Susanna.

6. Your funniest fic: I'm not sure I really do funny. If pushed, I'd probably go for My Beloved Snake, and Said Unto Me

7. Your hottest fic: Yes (ha, I should really tag this 'enthusiastic consent'...)

8. The fic you'd like to be remembered for: The whole Daughters of Ruritania sequence, assuming I ever finish The Fall of Strelsau

9. The thing(s) your fic contributed to fandom headcanon: Er... Irene Adler/Rupert Hentzau? Captain Jack Harkness/a worrying number of Gerry Anderson characters? Orlando is a fobwatched Timelord? Some of my fandoms are so small that my headcanon is fandom headcanon.

10. First fic you wrote/published: What I would now call a 'genderswapped Huntingtower AU lacking proper attribution', but at the time would have called 'English homework'

11. Latest fic you wrote/published: The Song of the Wind and the Dance of the Rain - it has been rather a dry spell since Jukebox

12. What are you working on now?: a Zenda AU where Rupert Hentzau and Detchard find Rudolf Rassendyll before Fritz von Tarlenheim and Colonel Sapt do, and various short pieces for [community profile] ladiesbingo.

The Martian - no spoilers

Oct. 10th, 2015 06:55 pm[personal profile] alee_grrl
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Went to see "The Martian" this afternoon. Was incredibly impressed by the film. It's witty, suspenseful (in the survival story kind of way rather than in a thriller kind of way), heart-warming at times and heart-breaking at times. The acting is phenomenal, and it is absolutely stunning visually. Like Guardians of the Galaxy the soundtrack is frequently a character in its own right. While the focus is on Matt Damon's characters there is a wonderfully diverse ensemble of support characters that keeps the movie from become a mind-numbing event like "The Castaway" was. I highly recommend it and am very glad I saw it on the big screen.

ETA: I'm convinced that Chiwetel Ejiofor can take on any role and be amazing in it. If you haven't seen "Kinky Boots" do so. I loved him as the Operative in Serenity, and he is great as the Director of Mars Missions in this film. But he is utterly amazing in "Kinky Boots."
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The car’s settling in nicely. I’m especially appreciating the things that work exactly as they’re supposed to, like the keyless entry. (As long as the key is somewhere on me, even if it’s in a purse inside a backpack, the door unlocks as soon as I grab my handle. They were intelligent about it too – you can set it so that all doors unlock at once, or only the driver door, for added safety.) I also really like being able to drive up, turn 90 degrees, and enter a parking place. You’d think those things would just go without saying but so often they don’t; the BMW I test-drove was finicky about its locks, and on my old car I always had to swing wide first because it had way too wide a turning radius. Then there’s the things that work perfectly, but you have to figure them out a bit first, like how to get the roof to open a crack vs all the way, or the radio/phone/nav system, which is fairly intuitive, but just does a whole lot of stuff. So I’m learning all that stuff, which is fun.

There are only two small annoying things, so far, are that I can’t just tell it to make a phone car, because that was a more expensive option I didn’t get – but I can just push a button on my iPhone and tell Siri to do it, and the call still goes through the car, so that’s OK. And you have to hold the button on the built-in garage opener for a while before it works – it works perfectly, just apparently likes to be held as it’s waking up. I sympathize.

I’m not complaining in a first-world-problems sense, because these aren’t problems – it’s just that, especially as an engineer, it’s annoying when designs don’t quite work as they should. I feel the need to need that because I seem to have been annoying people all over the internet – well, all over Ravelry, really, lately. We are pretty OK financially, and lots of people aren’t and I do try to be conscious of that. I have seen people gloating about their lives, and it’s ugly, ugly, ugly. On the other hand, I’m not going to just completely not talk about the details of my life – but it was an unfortunately choice to use the word “frugal” in the title of a thread about the decision whether to buy a car on the lower end of luxury or a decked-out but more normal car. (I think the problem was that, since Ravelry is set up so that you usually just look at the title of a post before you click on it, some people were expecting more useful money-saving advice.) And there’s someone on another group that seems to want to not only tell me I’m wrong all the time but that I’m WRONGWRONGWRONG and probably evil. The thing there is, I am wrong – or at best either thinking or writing unclearly – some of the time, but attacking everything I say is a pretty good way to get me to ignore you. (It’s possible on Ravelry to set a person to Ignore so you can’t see anything they post – but I’m a moderator on that group so I don’t think I should. Plus, I do want to get corrected when I’m wrong, I’d just prefer not to have someone else’s morals thrust on me or to be attacked. It looks like a few other people are starting to see it and circle wagons, though, which I appreciate.

And that’s the other reason I’m not stupid enough to gloat about my life: it’s got plenty of good parts, with being happily married leading that list, and bad parts as well – notably, not much of a social life. But it does have the effect of making me really appreciate friendly gestures like that, or even more tenuous connections. In Oregon, you don’t pump your gas. I went to put gas in this car for the first time this morning, and the attendant I see there all the time, an older guy, recognized me and asked if I’d gotten a new car. I only get gas there every couple weeks or so, and it’s a very busy station, with several attendants working there at any one time, so I don’t know if he has a freak memory for faces or what, but I always love being recognized as a friendly regular out of all proportion to the actual contact.

ETA: I got a really nice compliment from one of my fellow mods on how I’d handled the whole situation described a paragraph back – much appreciated since I felt like I was just bungling through it being insensitive.

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Unexpected praise

Oct. 7th, 2015 10:09 pm[personal profile] alee_grrl
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One of my friends is going through a devastating loss right now and she has been sharing updates via Facebook to keep her wider support network in the know. She is grieving the loss of her boyfriend to a mountain climbing accident and while I cannot be out west to support her and wrap her in hugs, I have certainly done my best to support her virtually with words and jedi hugs. In one post I told her how much I admired her, and how amazed I was by her strength, and also gave her kudos for rocking the self-care (including letting herself be emotional and grieving). What she said in response floored me and made me all kinds of misty eyed.

I learn this from you. I've been meaning to write to you and tell you that I"m so thankful you came into my life and made me into a better emotional being by your example. I love you

I honestly cannot think of higher praise than that. It is incredibly hard for me to accept such compliments as I do not really feel that I am all that special. I am posting it here largely so that on bad days I have an easily found reminder that I have made a difference in this world.
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I have really been enjoying Virginia Willis' Cobb Salad with Quinoa and the other week I started wondering, is there a sort of autumnal take on this I could do?

Which is when I remembered the frozen butternut squash in the freezer. And that apples go so nicely in salads. And that we have a bag of pepitas in the cupboard. And that we're out of bacon, but tiny cubes of ham could replace that and go nicely with the squash and apples.

So I roasted the chicken and hardboiled the eggs and made up the quinoa with bay leaves and pepper grindings. [And now realize I forgot the bouillon.]

And put it all together. Tada. At least it looks beautiful.

is this Cobb Salad?

Tonight I'll warm it and serve it over arugula with our beloved poppy seed dressing.

Pie for Breakfast

Oct. 6th, 2015 08:25 am[personal profile] okrablossom
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This past weekend, [personal profile] yomikoma made pastry and we had just gone to the orchard, so we made pie with Cox's Orange Pippins and Chenango Strawberrys and a Macoun and a Delicious.
apple pie

Apple pie for breakfast is pretty awesome.

We also threw pork in the slow cooker, roasted some delicata chips

delicata squash chips
mashed some sweet potatoes with sriracha and lime juice
mashed sweet potatoes
and mixed, kneaded, rose, and baked two loaves of oatmeal bread
two loaves of bread in their pans
[because I am anticipating a busy week with no energy for making foods].

I had picked up the Thanksgiving special of Cook's Illustrated at the store that day and in addition to the carrot recipe we tried immediately [with fresh sage and walnuts]

carrots, walnuts, sage
there were a number of articles on not cooking turkeys whole. Which I was very interested in because I had already decided to do so this year, after reading elsewhere how turkey legs really want to be braised and breasts want to be baked. It turns out Julia Child did this and then cleverly reconstructed the bird over stuffing to appear whole. All of this was discussed and dissected in normal Cook's Illustrated fashion, which was fascinating. Also, there was at least one recipe for braising turkey legs and roasting a breast, so I have nice recipe structures to copy and manipulate for our own feast this year.

Also, apparently we have to try whipping our potatoes. Teehee.


Oct. 5th, 2015 08:33 am[personal profile] kass
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1. Having friends over yesterday afternoon to watch football.

2. A good long sleep (slightly aided by cold meds.)

3. Coffee.

4. New dress -- this one -- which I snagged on sale, w00t.

5. Tonight I am going to get to geek out and celebrate a Jewish holiday I haven't actually experienced in years.

How are y'all?

Closing Time

Oct. 4th, 2015 09:20 am[personal profile] kafj
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This journal has now closed. You can find me at KathleenJowitt.com.

Pondering word choices.

Oct. 2nd, 2015 02:09 pm[personal profile] gramarye1971
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Random discussion with an author at lunch: do you draw a distinction between revenge and vengeance, as concepts? I was trying to explain how I see the difference, and I said that I feel as if revenge has much more of the personal, impulsive, I'll-get-you-for-that connotation, whereas vengeance has a much more impersonal, long-term, you'll-be-sorry-for-that connotation. Together, we concluded that revenge is mainly between humans in response to a specific thing; vengeance seems most likely to come from some outside (and possibly above) power in response to a specific thing or even a pattern of action. But I'm curious as to whether others would draw the same distinction.

(The author's first language isn't English, so it was interesting to try to hash this concept out together.)

That recent meme.

Oct. 1st, 2015 11:54 pm[personal profile] gramarye1971
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Major life changes? Same old same old?

Still making books for the time being, or at least until the next round of temper tantrums from our duly elected representatives threatens to lock me out of my office in December. I put myself through the wringer trying to clear my desk as much as possible before 1 October, and now that I don't have to break my neck trying to do everything before then, I'm hoping that my stress levels will go down somewhat. Just in time for a hurricane, apparently, so it looks like tonight's the night to buy kitty litter and toilet paper (since I already have eggs, bread, and some amount of milk).

In longer-term news, I'm currently on the fence about whether I want to try to buy the condo that I'm living in from my friend/landlady. I don't want to commit to anything as major as that until I have official job tenure next June, but I'd like to feel a greater sense of stability in my living situation (to know that I could pay for a place without roommates, etc.). With luck, I won't have to make that decision for another few months at least.

On the lighter side, I recently went to the Toronto International Film Festival with my parents, and we saw several films there. We did get a chance to see The Martian, which turned out to be a quite decent space-survival popcorn flick with an acceptable level of Matt Damon, though the first fifteen minutes nearly gave me motion sickness from the amount of shaky-cam used. My personal highlight was a fantastic documentary called A Flickering Truth, about the efforts of filmmakers in Afghanistan to salvage, preserve, and restore a number of movies that were made by Afghan Films and were all but destroyed during the Taliban years. (Archivist friends, you will love it, and I hope you can find a way to see it at some point.) We also saw the latest Mamoru Hosada animated film Bakemono no Ko (The Boy and the Beast), which wasn't quite as narratively strong as Summer Wars or The Girl Who Leapt Through Time but which had some lovely things to say about growing up, found families, and dealing with feelings of loneliness and rejection. Good stuff.

What fandom are you in/do you spend most of your time in?

My fannishness is at a bit of an ebb at the moment. There are a number of books and anime series I've enjoyed lately, but nothing that's particularly grabbing me, and I'm actively keeping clear of some of the big trending fandoms because the fannish experience there seems to be toxic at levels that I don't have the time or the brain to handle at present. So I'm just paddling along in my own fannish waters, keeping an eye on the tides.

Where do you hang out online?

Here, fail_fandomanon, and Twitter, mostly. I read a handful of friends' Tumblrs but don't Tumbl myself.

What are you reading?

I'm picking my way through a half-dozen books, mainly nonfiction (with topics ranging from European defence policies to the exploration of Pompeii), and I hope that in the next few weekends I'll be able to finish several of them. But in terms of things that I've completed lately and loved, Kate Beaton's Step Aside, Pops and the new English translation of Master Keaton volume 4 top the list.

What are you watching?

Still following along with the full release of Sailor Moon, and working my way through Gakkou-Gurashi with a local friend. I recently (re)watched all of I, Claudius with my roommate, and it's always fun to watch Brian Blessed and John Hurt chew the scenery while Siân Phillips delightfully schemes her way past all the tiresome men in her life. I don't think there's anything in the upcoming anime season that's really calling out to me, though I'm eagerly awaiting the DVD release of Library Wars and the prospect of an anime adaptation for the historical espionage mystery Joker Game series.

What are you making?

I'd like to finish one more fic before Yuletide writing begins in earnest. I'm not sure which WIPs are close enough to warrant completion; perhaps I'll look over them this weekend. There may also be bread-making this weekend, since I picked up some yeast packets last week and haven't had a chance to use them yet.

What are you squeeing about today?

...being able to come into work? I suppose that counts.

Oh, and it looks like the Twilight Struggle PC game is in the beta testing phase! So perhaps I will finally open my Steam account and run some test games with it this weekend.

If you could rope old fandom friends into a new fandom, it would be...

Probably Master Keaton, now that the manga's being released in English. I'm not sure how much fannish activity it would generate, but I've at least written (and published!) meta for it, and have notes for a fic that I've promised to [personal profile] skygiants, so there's clearly room for fanworks.

I should really watch/read/dive into _______ and then come talk to you about it!

Master Keaton, for one thing. I don't know if I could convince more people to watch the Kara no Kyoukai movies or read the light novels, but there's a lot of material there that would be worth discussing with others.

What else is on your mind?

Not much that's cheerful, I'm afraid. I'm feeling rather down about some other unrelated things at the moment, most of which aren't worth going into. I hope that once I can de-stress from work, they won't seem so bad.

more driving

Sep. 29th, 2015 01:29 pm[personal profile] dichroic
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OK, so here’s my photo of my car.


There may be something wrong with it though. Yesterday, another beautiful gorgeous clear day with perfect temperatures, it took me 24 miles to get home from work rather than the expected < 2 miles. No, there is nothing wrong with the nav system! I decided to go home a slightly longer way just for the fun of the driving. Then I went a bit longer. Then a bit further. Then I said the hell with it and drove all the way out to the country roads and back. (This was all on roads I know at least slightly, but still I think this drive would have scared me two years ago when we first returned to the US. So that's a double win, and a bit more proof that having a fun car really does lure me into driving more.) Don't worry, I'll stop talking about cars any time now. On the other hand, I could be talking about the 11km I need to erg tonight, and that’s no fun for anybody!

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