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Jun. 25th, 2016 06:26 pm[personal profile] kass
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I dreamed last night that I arrived at Vividcon and realized belatedly that I had completely forgotten to plan an outfit for Club Vivid, and that in fact the clothing in my suitcase was all stuff from the discard pile I've been generating as I prepare to move out of my house -- things that don't fit me anymore, or don't flatter the body I have now, or don't suit the tastes of the person into whom I've grown.

It is true that as yet I have no idea what I will wear to Club Vivid this year, but in waking life I don't think I'm especially anxious about that.

I do frequently have anxiety dreams that have to do with suitcases and packing: needing a wardrobe I don't have, or not being able to find the clothes I need. I think the dream probably fits into that category: I'm preparing for a major life change (divorce + moving out) and on some level my subconscious is concerned about whether I have the resources I need to become the person I want to become.

(Psst, subconscious: I do. You can calm down now.)
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When I was living in London a decade ago and considering my post-master's degree options, I submitted my CV and other employment application materials to the European Commission. I actually made it past the first round of review, but not the second, which didn't surprise me in the least -- I knew that there were far more qualified and visa-eligible candidates than some random postgrad from the wrong side of the pond. But I absolutely did want to work there then, and if I were offered a job there today I would still jump at the chance, because I believe in the European Union and the good that it has achieved over the years.

I'm so sorry, UK friends, EU friends. I am listening to your rage and despair, and I hope there is something that can be salvaged from all of this.

EDIT: For those who want some more official commentary than whatever's making the rounds of the news media and social media, it is worth reading, in full, the House of Lords EU Select Committee's report on the process of withdrawing from the European Union, written and published earlier this year.
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  • Holy fucking shit. The US House Minority Leader James Clyburn has just said that he’s divided Martin Luther King Jr’s “Letters from Birmingham Jail” into 46 parts, and they’re going to read it out loud in the course of the sit-in tonight.

    These are people intensely aware of their history and of the history they’re making. Just wow.

  • Twitter must be a very happy company right now (apparently they bought Periscope last year). You can’t buy publicity like having Congress members publicly praising you on live video feed!
  • OK, I’ve figured out how to get my Mac to sync to my Bluetooth headphones (I usually just use them with my phone or iPad). Because I need to erg, and it wasn’t going to happen while I was glued to the C-Span feed.
  • Granted I’m always open to excuses to procrastinate on erging, but “glued to the C-Span feed” is definitely a phrase I’ve never typed before!!!
  • Before I got home and could watch this, I was proud to find this photo of my Rep (Suzanne Bonamici) at the sit-in and to hear that both my Senators were there.</>
  • How cool is it that Senators are sending snacks??
  • OK, off to go erg – with headphones on and this screen sitting on the floor by my flywheel. I may add more comments to this post later.
  • Looks like this might just be a way for Ryan to get back control 🙁 I suspect the show’s over – but wow, while it lasted it was something
  • No, wait, they’re back! I have no idea what’s going on. OK, now the pirate feed is down, C-Span is back up, half the Congress is trying to conduct business as usual while the rest chant NO BILL, NO BREAK!

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    Coping mechanisms. :-)

    Jun. 22nd, 2016 06:15 pm[personal profile] kass
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    I am out of spoons this evening.

    Also I managed to get a sunburn this afternoon while watching kids poolside -- I remembered to put sunscreen on the six year old but forgot about myself, so I now have a very dramatic tan-line across my décolletage. (Well. Not exactly tan. More like, a stark demarcation between creamy pale skin that has not seen sun in a while, and skin that is now rather bright and radiating heat.)

    I have changed into a silky loose bathrobe. I have poured myself a glass of wine. And I am letting the kid have dinner in front of the television tonight. There are worse things.

    Just delicious.

    Jun. 21st, 2016 07:44 pm[personal profile] kass
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    I just finished the second of Laurie R. King's Mary Russell / Sherlock Holmes novels. It was utterly delicious.

    Mystery. Intrigue. Theology. Complicated love. Passes the Bechdel test by several long shots. The fabulous Jewish heroine continues to be fabulous. Holmes continues to be Holmes in the most delightful manner.

    This is exactly the brain-candy I needed at this moment in my life. \o/


    Jun. 21st, 2016 03:03 pm[personal profile] dichroic
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    Good heavens. I’ve just gotten a credit on Amazon from the Apple price-fixing settlement … for a hair under $250. The time span the settlement covers falls within my expat years; I bought a *lot* of books in those years. What I’d liek to do with it is to keep it until September in hopes that a new Apple Watch will be released then – I’ve wanted one since they came out, but have been holding off in hopes of getting one with better battery life.

    In some ways I’d rather be spending my money on paper books instead; I don’t really have any level of confidence that my e-books will still be with me and readable in 20 years. I have to admit, though, that I find reading on the Kindle a lot more comfortable than printed books, especially if I’m doing something else at the same time. (I usually am – knitting, eating, brushing my teeth.) Until someone invents a drone that will follow me around (that is, follow me one step ahead, like a cat) holding my book open and turning pages when I gesture, the Kindle seems like the way to go. Yes, I am in bondage to the Evil Empire of Amazon.

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    Jun. 20th, 2016 08:03 pm[personal profile] kass
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    1. Sitting outside on this deck, while I still have this deck to sit on.

    2. A glass of vinho verde in hand.

    3. The sound of wind in the trees; occasional bird calls; the horizon beginning to turn pink in a way that reminds me a little bit of Jerusalem.

    4. My mom was healthy enough today to travel somewhere for the first time in years.

    5. Mr. Kiddo enthusiastically shouting "NO!" along with "Say No To This."
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    What I said on Facebook, about the guy who made 49 crosses and brought them to Orlando, to represent the people killed the last week:

    “If someone put up a cross for me when I died, I’d come back and haunt them!”
    I also noted that I do think the people wearing giant angel wings to shield mourners from picketers at the funerals are a more appropriate use of religious symbols – after all, you know in each case if they’re having the service at a place whose traditions include angels, like a church, synagogue or mosque.

    What I said on Facebook to respond to all the people who chided me because *clearly* the guy who made he crosses had nothing but loving intentions:

    “I understand that his intentions were good, and I’m certain that at least some (maybe most) of the victims would have appreciated the crosses. (I suspect all of them would have appreciated tolerance and outreach to the LGBT community while they were alive even more, but for all I know this guy already does that. Or maybe this was the event that first woke him to activism and he’ll be doing more in the future. ) I’m certainly not classing him as a hater. With all that said, though … You know how when you keep getting hot in one spot it gets sore, so that even a light tap or a friendly punch will hurt? For me and a lot of people in minority religions that kind of indifferent “hit”, where people just assume you’re Christian, happens day after day after day and creates a very sore spot. The Orlando episode so strongly highlights the need for us all to be not only sensitive to but even appreciative of each other’s differences, that the friendly “tap” of those crosses hits even harder than it might otherwise. So I’m not exactly condemning his actions, but I am saying ‘ouch!’ ”

    What I won’t say on Facebook but is the nonetheless:

    No, I don’t hate Christians. But do you know why I don’t? It’s because I work damn hard at not hating them, when so many seem to be going out of their way to make themselves either hateable (like the people who decry trans men and women in public bathrooms one week and are saying “we are Orlando” the next) or at least intensely annoying (like those in this case who think it’s just fine and dandy to assume everyone is Christian, or that those who aren’t naturally would be fine with having the label of a religion that’s not theirs being put on them when they can no longer speak for themselves – right after being killed for just being themselves, in another way. One of the ways I do this is to remind myself of the number of Christians I know who are not like that, who try to live by what Jesus did and said instead of using his name as an excuse for doing whatever the hell they want to do and hating anyone who does differently. We have a word, heteronormative, for those who try to describe the world as a place where it’s acceptable and respectful to assume everyone you might meet is straight. And the people who use that word are generally using it to make the point that it is NOT OK to make that assumption. For all I know, everyone killed at Pulse might well have identified as Christian – after all, it was Latin night and a high percentage of Latin@s do come from a Christian background(1). But not everyone sticks with the religion they’re born to, not everyone there was necessarily Latin@,, and most important, “a high percentage” is not synonymous with “all”. A lot of people are talking about tolerance and appreciation of diversity this week. It sure would be nice to see some of that in action.

    (1) by “Christian background” I mean both Catholics and Protestants. I will not even get into the argument with people like the guy last week who told me the Pope is not a “real” Christian.

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    Parallels 2016 Letter

    Jun. 16th, 2016 02:16 pm[personal profile] gramarye1971
    gramarye1971: The Binan High School Student Council (ED credits) (Boueibu: Seifukubu)
    Hello, dear Parallels author! Here's my basic letter for this year's Parallels. Since I'm requesting fandoms I've never personally written in before, I'm mainly looking for more fic for these characters/series in general rather than any specific type of story.

    What I like best: Backstory/pre-canon fic, 'missing scenes', character studies, alternate perspectives on a scene, fics that show a nice bit of historical research if required. Gen-fic, by and large -- I particularly enjoy reading about character relationships that don't necessarily have to do with romantic relationships.

    Things I'm not fond of: Character-bashing, PWP, issue-fic, stories where the 'ship drives the plot. Also, I'd appreciate the use of the AO3 Archive Warnings if the story happens to contain one or more of the major ones (since one or two of these canons have a fair amount of actual violence).

    Joker Game )

    Night Raid 1931 )

    Mouretsu Pirates )

    The Schoolgirl's Diary (2007) )

    Vampire Prosecutor )

    Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! )


    Jun. 15th, 2016 05:32 pm[personal profile] kass
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    1. Dinner plans: a giant arugula salad with chicken tenders and bell peppers and olives and sesame-tahini dressing.

    2. Sunshine, blue sky, green trees all around me.

    3. Lin-Manuel Miranda's sonnet from the Tonys -- I got to see the clip last night, and watching him deliver that sonnet, the way his voice cracked on "love is love is love is love is love," just undid me in the most beautiful way.

    4. A massage today from [personal profile] squirrelhaven, who is damn good at what she does. I'm just saying.

    5. The novel I just finished -- The Beekeeper's Apprentice by Laurie R. King -- which is delightful in every way.


    There's a lot that hurts right now -- in my own life; in the news -- but I am holding steadfastly to gratitude with both hands.


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