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From Israel 2009 - set 4

Bus terminal, Jerusalem, 2009

Yesterday evening, the fabulous Lora lured me away from the APA corral for Literary Libations. We spent most of my hour there chatting with Mike Pentecost, who has a lot of stories about riding buses around the country, some at his blog and more in his new book, Bus People. We also talked about the business of trade shows (as with buses, there's a whole different universe to learn about when one spends more than a few days in that realm) and about networking in Nashville.

I used to ride the bus regularly between Chicago and Berea (KY), and it's how I got around Israel as well, so the conversation brought back a host of memories, as well as sending me to some of the photos I still haven't gotten around to organizing (and, eep, where did I stash my post-Eilat albums...?).

From Israel 2009 - set 4

Seatmate doing Sudoku in Hebrew

From Israel 2009 - set 4

Rest stop

From Israel 2009 - set 4

Time for soda, pomegranate seeds, and chips!

From Israel 2009 - set 4

Not sure what these critters are. Price is in shekels.

From Israel 2009 - set 4

There's advice everywhere...


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