Sep. 28th, 2015

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Prompt: poems

11. poems

In the photo:
If I Had Wheels or Love - Vassar Miller
Collected Poems - Lynda Hull
In Advance of All Parting - Ansie Baird
A Year in Poetry - edited by Thomas E. Foster and Elizabeth C. Guthrie
Staying Alive - edited by Neil Astley

I'll probably spend part of tonight with one of these books. But first I will be finishing up the assembling of tonight's dinner (a variation of Bittman's chickpea tagine with chicken and apricots), and looking at other chicken recipes for tomorrow night. It will likely be pot pie if I feel I have time; if not, chicken salad sandwiches with leftover mashed potatoes on the side. The focus on chicken is thanks to a manager's special Saturday that resulted in me stewing a crockpot full of thighs; some of the chicken jelly was ladled onto the dog's kibble tonight, and oh, such rejoicing and gobbling there was by the auld girl.


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