Sep. 29th, 2012

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wild strawberries
wild strawberries near a utility meter

Sometimes I have to point out to myself that the reason I need a nap is because I didn't actually get enough sleep. Today has been one of those days. But it was a wonderful nap, and the rest of the day wasn't shabby, either: I spent the morning helping out with a vaccination event, which included great conversations with two students (one pre-med, one pre-nursing) and the mom of an actor, plus some nice perks (a free flu shot, snacks, a t-shirt, and an Au Bon Pain gift card); dealt with some errands; and stopped by the Frist (thank you, Smithsonian!)-- the Carrie Mae Weems exhibition is immense, and I'll need to go back to take it in properly.

Also, the big roses facing Broadway always cheer me up whenever I manage to notice them.

I'm spending the rest of the weekend mostly working, but the stack of library books is also calling to me. Of the books in the "To Return" pile, I especially enjoyed Grandpa's Soup, a picture by Eiko Kadono and Satomi Ichikawa. Ichikawa is one of those clever illustrators who create secondary narratives in the background that a more casual or hurried reader might miss -- in this case, the changing contents of the vase next to Grandma's empty chair. I also liked the changing shadows in the screen door of Grandpa's kitchen.


zirconium: snapshot of cookie cutter star from sorghum marshmallow making (Default)

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