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It took time to harvest the Christmas (aka Prairie Fire) peppers, some of which were hidden behind and below many leaves:

pepper at the heart of a bush

It takes a while to deseed half a pound of them. I listened to all of Lambarena: Bach to Africa and sang a melange of other songs while cutting and scraping (and sweeping):

deseeding peppers took a while

Tonight I toasted the spices and ran the processor and added a slice of preserved lemon. Y'all. It smells sooooo good!


Cooked shrimp with angel hair and arrabiata jar sauce for dinner; prepared a salad with lightbulb-shaped yellow cherry tomatoes; threw out a moldy orange and sliced the other one up for a fresh pitcher of tea.

I caught part of Sunday's Splendid Table segment on Persian cooking, and all of Tyler Kord's exhortation to, among other things, please people with less-than-perfect ingredients.

I scattered the hundreds of pepper seeds from last night around the back edges of my back yard this morning; on my way back to the porch, I noticed that the rogue rosebush had a splintered branch with a fresh shoot on it, and was also being strangled by a vine. So after dealing with the vine and other surrounding weeds, I cut off the branch, sectioned off the part with the fresh leaves, dipped the edge in honey, and poked it into a grow bag. Now we water and wait for two months to see if it takes.

Took a cutting from the older tomato plant as well, and put it in the graduated cylinder to root.

Various plants need to be repotted, and there are a couple of "organic grow kits" (one for chives, one for parsley) to activate. The repotting will happen (thirsty roots be thirsty), but the kits may well stay on the shelf through the fall. At the moment I'm more interested in figuring out where I misplaced my swim goggles, getting the car tested and tuned up, declogging drains, and delivering assorted deliverables.

Working downtown has quite a few pluses. Today's included the Rahsaan Barber Quartet lunchtime concert at the library. I may bring a sketchbook next time, because the people-studying was superb: kids and their caregivers trailing hands and sometimes feet in the fountain. So many kinds of hair and garb, from traditional bobs and corporate suits to wild curls and Alice-in-Wonderland tees. The final number was a quartet original titled "Home Cookin'." Smokin' good, one could say.
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