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This week, y'all. (In)substantial pomp and circumstance on larger stages notwithstanding (the BYM: "Dude, you have got to watch Bill Clinton with the balloons. I want balloons!" Hee), there were deadlines and revelations galore.

It including hearing from and connecting with various friends. Kale wrote with the news that one of his daughters had started experimenting with her hair: "She discovered green and it reminded me of someone..." On Sunday, the BYM and I joined some friends on a pontoon boat, where we didn't escape from election discussions (the outing was co-hosted by a longtime progressive operative who, incidentally, recommends Charlie Cook's columns for those of us trying to get a handle on how scared to be ("the most reasoned, clear-eyed political analyst in the U.S. based on my 24 years working around politics") but enjoyed cold beers and dunking our heads and learning a bit more about one another:

M1: Sorry, M2, I'm about to out you. [To the rest of us] She was a Mississippi debutante.
Me: Honey, I was in Junior Miss.
M1 and M2, in unison: Oh my God, that's even worse!
Our husbands: What's Junior Miss?

[Note: Participating in the pageant was actually one of the smarter calls I made as a teenager. Scholarship winnings aside, it has more than paid for itself in cocktail party chatter, and I can still do the opening moves of the poise routine half-asleep.]

On Monday, a friend I hadn't seen since 2010 came to the museum with her two beautiful boys, who are now taller than she is -- pretty startling, since the younger one was practically smaller than my dog six years ago. My lord. The friend and I commiserated over estate handling -- complex as my parents' portfolios were, I didn't have to clean out barns (yes, plural, barns) or contend with museum-sized dinosaur models. Ye gods and bones.

Wednesday night, we went to church for our directory photo sitting. The photographer was Tonya at Lifetouch Church Directories & Portraits Inc., and she was very good -- very precise -- about directing and positioning us. The appointment meant I also got to chat with Rev. Denise, who will be filling in for UU Tullahoma's minister while he is on sabbatical, which is awesome news for all concerned.

At the day job, we have a new exhibition ready for the public:

the new exhibition

My favorite quotation from the show:


The week also had its fair share of mishaps. I do try to refrain from dwelling on these, but when one fumbles a full cup of hot coffee into one's handbag -- well, "dwelling on" is too strong a phrase. Let's just say I'm still shaking my head at myself and that episode (and shaking out the sarong I snatched at to soak up some of the mess).

There was also the panful of peppers I didn't manage to roast properly. The remains are now fertilizing one of the zinnia patches. There are plenty more to come. I admit to being proud of the pepper border, seeing how all the plants were propagated from the single survivor of the 15-odd seed packet I purchased via eBay back in 2013.

newly planted peppers
April 10

peppers and zinnias
this morning

this morning's harvest, which I'll be taking to a cousin and an aunt


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